samedi 21 novembre 2015


Painting by Andrew Gonzales

                                         A wise poet taught me,  
                                         Of whence I had come,  
                                         that heart of a Celt woman,  
                                         stands precious and pure,  
                                         for she loves like no other,  
                                         fierce, faithful, devoted,  
                                         and likened to none.  
                                         She descends from the goddess,  
                                         mixt of moonbeams and light,  
                                         ancient power so holy,  
                                         lost wisdom and truth.  
                                         Take heed to be worthy,  
                                         for the goddess knows sorrow,  
                                         as deeply as joy,  
                                         if you reeve of her flame,  
                                         the goddess weeps blood.

Chess (California)

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