jeudi 26 juin 2014

Ali Hassan Kuban : Mabrouk (مَبـْروك)

Ali Hassan Kuban (1929-2001) était un chanteur égyptien originaire d'Assouan en Nubie. Mabrouk est un de ses morceaux emblématiques. À découvrir...

(Le sens de "mabrouk" indique la position assise au sol du chameau. en arabe)

Ali Hassan Kuban (1929, Gotha, Egypt – 2001) was a Nubian singer and bandleader. He was known as the "Captain" or (later) "Godfather" of Nubian Music.

Ali Hassan Kuban was born in Gotha, a village near Aswan. After his family moved to Cairo, he learned to play clarinet, and in 1949 he performed with the Opera of Cairo. He also played girba (bagpipes) with his own band during wedding celebrations. During the 1950s, Ali began adding Western instruments such as saxophone, electric guitar, bass guitar, organ, trumpet and accordion to his ensemble. By the 1990s, he was performing for international audiences at events such as Midem (1993), WOMAD (1994), the Montreal Jazz Festival (1994), and Central Park SummerStage (1995).

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