samedi 29 mars 2014

Caravan : Winter Wine

Winter Wine, du groupe de rock progressif anglais Caravan,
extrait de l'album In the Land of Grey and Pink, sorti en 1971.

How you`re always flowing, blowing in my mind
Like a stream, these magic waters move me to a dream
Of travelling with you, drifting carefree, dropping downward through fresh grasses
Bubbles merrily as it passes, never knowing where you`re going
Carry me with you, carry me with you

Be conjured up in a midnight dream, ancient castles dark
As wandering minstrels play tunes of yesterday
When dragons roamed the land, knights in armour gold
Charged on horseback bold
The maids were saved, the dragons slayed

Sail scene, sea green, sailing forward to a new land
Treasure waits, paradise gates, for the taking, can`t start waiting
All you need, but take heed, remember it pays to pay the sandman well
Make no fuss, for you must, in stardust, he puts all the colours in your dreams

Bells chime three times, naked dancers enter slowly
Smoky room, scented gloom, audience eating, fat men drinking
Candles burn, a dull red light illuminates the breasts of four young girls
Dancing, prancing, provoking, dreams are always ending far too soon

Life`s too short to be sad, wishing things you`ll never have
You`re better off not dreaming of the things to come
Dreams are always ending far too soon
Sounds of a distant melody, once played, lost from memory
Funny how it`s clearer now, you`re close to me
We`ll be together all the time

"Winter Wine" as written by Richard Coughlan Richard Stephen Sinclair 

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